About Us

Vision Statement

To be an influential advocate and effective resource that supports and promotes the success of business and community members in and around Friendswood.

Mission Statement

To promote growth of self, business, and community through awareness, opportunity, partnerships, and education.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Chamber shall be to maintain and encourage a positive atmosphere that promotes business growth, the tradition of free enterprise, attracts and encourages new businesses, strengthens the local economy, and to create, expand, and improve trade relations and community goodwill.

Why Our Chamber?

The Friendswood Chamber of Commerce is the ideal partner of every business and professional person in Friendswood! The Chamber stands ready to serve this great community, and is committed to working with community and business leaders in promoting positive economic growth and responding to the issues surrounding that growth.

The Friendswood Chamber is a voluntary organization of businesses, professionals and citizens who are investing their time and money in a community development program – working together to meet the challenges before us today.

  • To newcomers, we offer friendly welcome and important information to help you feel at home.
  • To travelers, we offer information and advice to make your trip to Friendswood easier.
  • To businesses considering relocation, we are ready to assist you while you are considering sites, during your transitions, or afterward as you become a valued part of Friendswood.
  • To schools, we offer support for those located in Harris and Galveston counties within the Friendswood city limits.
  • To government officials, we present a unified voice of the business community in helping form a consensus on major decisions.

The members of the Friendswood Chamber of Commerce have made an investment in the future and in our region, and are working continually to improve the Friendswood area’s quality of life and the business environment through balanced economic growth.